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Pet Microchipping – 5 Reasons You Should Have Done it Already

355973_2711There’s nothing worse than losing a loved one. Let alone a loved one who doesn’t have a cell phone or really any clue on how to find their way back to the family they love. Unfortunately, that’s the reality you’re facing ever time your 4-legged friend hits the ground running outside. If you were to step back and ask the question – what can I do to offer the best chance that my pet finds his way back home in an emergency – and sure, not spend a ton of money in the process – your answer would be microchipping. So – without further delay – let’s look at 5 Reasons why you should have already microchipped your four-legged friend.

1. It’s a Lifetime Safety Net For Your Pet’s Security

You can’t really say that about anything else! Microchips are permanently embedded in your pet’s skin and made to last 25 years. That’s longer than any collar or tag, and it’s not about to fall off when your little escape artist crawls under that chain-link fence. The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year – make sure you and your loved ones are prepared.

2. It Doesn’t Hurt Much

Your pet is used to vaccinations – and microchipping feels similar. Your veterinarian will simply use a needle to insert a small, grain-sized chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. A shot for a lifetime of security is a fair tradeoff.

3. Microchipping Works – We Have the Stats to Prove It

The American Veterinary Medical Association conducted a survey that said stray dogs at shelters WITHOUT a microchip were returned to their owners 21.9% of the time. That number increased to 52.2% when the dog was microchipped. To put that another way – it went from a 1 in 5 chance to greater than a 1 in 2. Similarly, cats without microchips were only returned 1.8% of the time, while cats WITH microchips were returned an amazing 38.5% of the time. Again, a 1 out of 50 chance changed to a 1 in 3. Microchipping has been so successful, that both England and Scotland have recently made it mandatory.
Dogs Returned Home With Microchip

4. It’s Inexpensive

Compared to the other costs associated with owning a dog a microchip is barely an expense at all. In fact, many animal rescues, clinics, pet stores and veterinarians offer low-cost microchipping services all of the time. Not to put a cost on a lifetime of security and peace of mind, but you’re really only looking at $10 to $40 dollars per animal. In addition, though you should check the chip from time-to-time, they do not require batteries and have a lifespan of 25 years. This means there’s little to no upkeep cost. Awesome!

5. There’s No Better Feeling Than The Love Of An Animal!

As if you needed any more encouragement – here are a few amazing videos of pets being returned to their owners because of microchipping. Warning – you may want to have tissues handy!

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Need to find a veterinarian near you to get your pet microchipped? – check out – https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/about_aaha/hospital_search/default.aspx



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    I completely agree. Microchipping is such a great thing that not a lot of people Ive spoken with have done. It works plain and simple. Good write up 🙂

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    I agree, I had my cat microchipped after many escape attempts I finally decided it was time to get my cate microchipped and now I feel better that if he does somehow get out of the house, we will be able to find him. The cost was not very much at all. But knowing we have a way to have him identified makes us feel a lot better.

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    This is rather interesting hearing from a US perspective. Here in the UK this is a routine operation and by law every dog will have to be microchipped by 2016! I wonder how you guys over the pond would manage that law? It’s definitely a good thing though.

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    Yes, microchipping is so important! People sometimes forget, though, that the most effective way of reuniting with your pet is by having a phone number on your pet’s collar at all times. That way, a passer-by can call you if they see your pet, rather than having to take him/her to the vet or shelter for a microchip scan. Thanks for your article!

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    Many owners turn to microchip technology to help their pets.The chip you purchase and install will be a lifelong identifier for the animal. In combination with an ID tag, a microchip is your safest way for getting your lost dog returned to you safely if he ever gets lost.

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    People should check out there local Non-profit animal rescues, they often provide very cheap microchip services. Its a great and easy way to support local organizations. Its also important to remember to keep microchip details up to date. Its shocking how many animals with microchip still remain unclaimed at control facilities, due to out of date contact information.

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    Good suggestion Simon. We generally have 1-2 microchipping clinics at our store annually, that are sponsored by local rescues. They will even update old chips with new information (some owners may not even realize that they pet is already chipped).

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