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What’s Going on at That Fish Place – That Pet Place – November Edition

We’re back with another edition of our Lancaster, Pa-specific retail store blog. What’s going on? What’s new? What’s challenging? This blog is here to answer these questions about our little family-owned business.

Where Are You Guys At With Your Inventory Now As We Move Deeper into the Pandemic?

Like lots of other pet retailers, and as we’ve noted on previous editions of this blog – we’ve had some issues with various categories of pet items over the last few months. The largest shortages we’ve seen have been in glass aquariums and feeder insects, respectively. The good news here is that we’re starting to see a rebound in glass tanks – they’re starting to become available to us again. The bad news, feeder insects are still a challenge. If you’re coming from a distance to our store specifically on the lookout for crickets, superworms, etc., we’d advise that you give the store a call before you come. We are doing our best to keep these in stock – including but not limited to exploring additional vendors for these staples, but the shortages appear to be industry-wide. We are also exploring different feeder options to provide alternatives should you need them. Take a look at our live reptile feeders here.

Thank You Lancaster County

Despite the pandemic, our local community came through bigtime for pets and other worthwhile non-profits during our area’s biggest day of donation – The Extraordinary Give. Even if this difficult year, The Extra Give generated its highest total donations this year! Thank you specifically to everyone whom donated to our in-store rescue – Centerville Pet Rescue! Like all of the organizations participating – they depend exclusively on donations for their day to day operations, and their ability to help more and more animals! Thank you Lancaster!

Locals – Don’t Forget About Curbside!

No one is sure how long this pandemic is going to last. Like lots of stores, we’ve done many things to help adjust to these conditions and make it safer for everyone, but we wanted to drop a reminder: That Fish Place – That Pet Place offers curbside pickup now! There are a few ways to do this. One, is to call our call center at 1-888-THAT-PET. Tell them what you’d like, and mention that you’d like to pick it up curbside at our Lancaster store. That’s it. For those living in PA-only, our website will allow you to choose ‘In Store Pickup’ as an option on most items. You can’t do this with livestock, but if you’re looking to avoid a little contact, add your dry goods, place the order, and our team will give you a call when it’s ready for you.

Stay safe out there everyone and have a great holiday season!

The Team At That Fish Place – That Pet Place

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