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What’s going on at That Fish Place? –October Edition

Happy November everyone!

Back with an update with what’s going on with That Fish Place – That Pet Place. As always, these blogs discuss what’s happening in our retail store and with our web distribution operation over the last month!


Starting in October, we have begun having limited, in-store events again. So far, these have consisted of animal rescue meet and greets only. Over the last few months, we have adjusted our event policies to allow for better cleanliness and virus mitigation when visitors come to our store. We’ve carried over these procedures and expanded them to further allow for safe events for staff and customers alike. We are relieved and excited, albeit cautious, to be able to provide this visibility to rescues again and would encourage you to monitor our events page for what’s coming up. Unfortunately, we are still canceling large-scale events like Centerville Pet Rescue Santa Photos for the season.


That Fish Place – That Pet Place’s retail store has been here a long time, so it was high time we gave it a facelift! Working with Two Dudes Painting, the front of our store is getting our brand orange and blue added! Check out the new colors on the roof awning as well as the light poles around the store. In addition, we’re getting much needed external facility painting and patching as well. We love the results – what do you think?


If you’re a regular to our store, you probably noticed that we removed the register with the wall right as you enter our store. Well, it’s back, but on the other side! In an effort to further comply with social distancing guidelines, our team migrated our largest register to the other side of the register area. This allows us to accommodate busy days just as well as before, while still allowing us to keep the store more open and spread out. Win-win!

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