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What’s Going on at That Fish Place? — August 2020 Edition

Please enjoy the next blog in our series to talk about our point of view on various items from the top. If you have any questions, you’d like us to answer in this column, please feel free to submit them in the comments section.

I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many big display tanks in the store – what’s going on?

Goldfish Cylinder Tank

This is a question we’ve gotten a few times recently – what happened to all the really big display tanks in the store? First, let’s just say that there are more in the works! We’re hoping to roll the cylinder tank – the big one that used to sit by the freezers – back out again soon somewhere in the middle of the store. We also have some thoughts on on an even LARGER one in the 1,000 gallon range coming over the next few months. Why did we get rid of a few of the ones we had? Really it’s a combination of factors from leaky tanks to creating more space to allow for a safer shopper experience during the pandemic. Rest assured though, there are more on the way – making TFP/TPP a fun shopping experience is key to us.

The Small Pet Area Is LARGER! What’s coming next?

Yes! The Small Pet Area expansion has been in the works for some time. As one of our most popular areas, creating more space here made a lot of sense for us. We’re hoping to use the additional space to help create a more easy-to-navigate experience for you – as well as an area where our associates can more closely interact with you if/when you’re considering taking an adorable small pet home with you!

The Plant Room – Whoa What a Makeover!

We’ve received lots of not necessarily-positive feedback from our aquatic area over the years: poor looking stock, low stock, not a ton of variety. Recently, out team set out to improve all of these! In addition to a new shoppable waterfall area that is just plain cool, our staff replaced many of the tanks and their lighting. In addition, we’ve committed to holding more inventory in there. So, even more than before, our plant room is new and improved and ready to serve you!

Thank you all for reading and talk to you at the end of next month!

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