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How to Greet a Dog

You know that feeling you get every time you see a new dog? That somewhat uncontrollable urge to run over scoop that pup up and snuggle it for hours. As tempting as it may be, think about it from the dog’s point of view, scary right? If a dog sees you as a threat they may feel like they have no choice other than to bite. Here are some tips on how to greet dogs in a non-threatening manner.

  • Always ask the dog’s owner
  • Do not make direct eye contact
  • Approach the dog slowly
  • Get down on his level
  • Wait for him to approach you
  • Pet gently
  • Pay attention to his body languagegreeting-a-dog


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    Great advice on how to properly approach a dog, I will be sure to share this information with my kids!

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    I have found that teaching my kids from a very young age how to approach a dog has worked out well. Owners appreciate the effort & my kids have grown into very responsible dog greeters!

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    hey everyone, looking for every and any option. I just adopted a Dobberman ‘Hazel’ about two weeks ago. she came from a police dog trainer who had 11 other dogs. she was not trained like the police dogs. she has extreme anxiety. she was crated up for hours on end because of the previous owners work schedule. her owner BEFORE her previous owner abused and neglected her from the moment she was born. she now has accidents in my house randomly, but always goes to the bathroom outside. she stress drinks which the dr is going to test her blood for any issues. however when I left her home the first day after returning from work (was home for two days with her after getting her) she went crazy, barking crying howling pacing back and forth etc. this is every single day when my boyfriend and I go to work. when we are home there is no issues what so ever we didn’t want to crate her because we didn’t want it to be like her previous home. we want her to know she is part of the family no matter what and that our home is her home. after reading a lot im thinking it is best to crate her. the vet suggested we try Xanax and gave us a prescription, I used it three times and it doesn’t last more than an hour and I don’t think it is worth putting drugs into a dog that are not even working. I need any advice anyone has please!

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