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Spring Fever – Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Planning

Spring has sprung, and love is in the air.  Most of us have that special pet in our lives, but some of us are lucky enough to have a special someone else in our lives.  Perhaps you both got your pet together, and now you are ready to take that next step with regards to your future.  Don’t let your pet miss out on being a part of your forever and ever.


The Proposal


Proposal image referenced from Huffingtonpost.com, and can be found here.

There are honestly so many ideas that you could come up with to include your pet with your proposal.   Get creative and jot some ideas down, and see what works best for you.  A few suggestions would be to get a name tag engraved with “Will You Marry Me” or, teach your pet to balance a ring on their head. The fact of the matter is, you know your pet best.  Have fun with it, and them!









Engagement Photos, Save the Dates, and Invitations

Resourced from theknot.com

Engagement photo referenced from theknot.com, and can be found here.


I love the idea of pets being in engagement photo’s, just remember that pets can be unpredictable.  In the event that you hire a photographer, be sure to give them a heads up so that they are also prepared.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to bring some extra treats with you the day of the photoshoot.  Invitations are another great way to include your pet.  Sites such as Shutterfly make creating your own invitations and save the dates a breeze!





Resourced from Brides.com

Wedding image referenced from Huffingtonpost.com, and can be found here.

There is nothing like man’s best friend being the best man, flower girl, ring bearer, or maid of honor! Your pet can have any role at your wedding.  Be sure to check with the venue that they are pet friendly.  If you plan on including your pet, do your homework and check out sites such as BringFido.com for a list of pet friendly attractions.  Receptions can become pretty hectic, and maybe even scary for some pets.  Do not assume that your drunk uncle is keeping an eye out on your pet, hire a pet sitter!









The Reception

Resourced from Topweddingsites.com

Image referenced from Topweddingsites.com, and can be found here.

The ceremony is over, and now your pet sitter is keeping an eye on your furbaby. Time to get the party started!  Do not feel bad if your pet can’t be a physical part of the festivities. Have your guests find their seat at a table marked with your pets picture!  There are a lot of cute ways you can include your pet in your decor, such as name place cards, centerpieces, cake toppers, table favors, and so much more!  We understand that some pets may have crossed over the rainbow bridge, but they are forever in your hearts.  Include your beloved pet with a beautiful pet memorial, guest book, or let your guests know that money from the dollar dance will be donated to your favorite rescue in memory of your pet.   It’s your day, make it special.






Have you included your pet in your wedding?  Please share how in the comments below!  We would love to see pictures too.  Please feel free to post your pictures to our Facebook page!










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    I love these pictures, I would love to include my dog in my wedding as well. Such cute ideas, thanks for the post.

  2. avatar

    You’re very welcome Sheila! There are a ton of cute ideas out there!

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    Its really a great idea for Pet in Wedding Planning. I love those pic specially Ceremony sure i will try this. Interesting article bookmarked.

  4. avatar

    Thank you very much Stephanie! Be sure to check out pinterest for a lot of creative ideas 🙂

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    I love these images . I will take my pug at my friend weddings. this is really a great idea.

  6. avatar

    There are so many ideas out there, that you can tweek just a little bit to really make it your own. If you have a pet that means the world to you and your spouse, why not include them? It just makes sense 🙂

  7. avatar

    This sparks up the questions of “What does My pet mean to Me?”. This post really shows how beautiful it truly is to have your pet by your side in any celebration, or the most important day of your life for that matter. The engagement photos and the wedding day both speak highlights to me in terms of making sure i include my little loved one alongside me and my partner. Another of the reception is really special as well knowing i can have my little one there to celebrate the special day together as a family should. People are nowadays more and more including their pets into their special events planning. I’m not sure if these little ones truly know what is going on, or really care for the matter. I do know however they will be super excited to just be around their owners and truly feel great being in their presence. The wedding day in particular is a great way to have the animals present in the moment, although, i am a little on the fence with the reception part of it. Will the animals have their own separate gate near the dance floor and being visible to their owners, or will the animal/s be loose off leash running around the reception area/ or hall? If it was up to me however, i would definitely make sure to have my little chihuahua included in absolutely everything i do no matter what, especially with engagement/ and wedding photos, the wedding day, and the reception after church part of it with the family. I already bring my little one with me everywhere as much as i can as it is, and where dogs are allowed of course. What my little one means to me is the fact i absolutely appreciate her for always being there, being my fur best friend, having my back no matter what, being my strength, and truly loving me no matter what! This is what my dog means to me everyday and forever always. This post is a beautiful reflection of how important it really is to include the little furry ones you love into whatever it is that may be going on in your life. They bring peace, joy, love, and harmony to your recipe in life and should be cherished and honored, especially in a wedding. Now i would like you to answer “What does Your pet/ loved one mean to You?”

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    For me personally, my pets are my everything. They are a part of my world, my life, my home, and my family. I wouldn’t have it any other way <3

  9. avatar

    Oh they look amazing! The control freak inside me would be worried to have my dog carry the rings, but I’d definitely have him involved during engagement photoshoot and at the wedding itself naturally 🙂

  10. avatar

    I think a lot of training would be involved if you would want a dog to be a good ring bearer for sure, but I’m all for them being involved one way or another 🙂

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    I hope I can still talk my wife-to-be into letting Dahdur join our big day… Your article gives me hope

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