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Join A Cause and Help Animals

Poultry Factory FarmAnimal lovers know that animal welfare is one of the most important issues in the world.  I thought I’d blog a little on several organizations that work against animal abuse and mistreatment. You can help the animals in many small ways, whether by giving a little money, choosing not to wear fur, becoming a vegetarian, signing a petition, adopting a pet from a shelter, or even just spreading the word. Without animals, our world would be a very sad place. Please click on at least one of the following links and get involved today!


Dog Fighting



The Humane Society of the U.S. is addressing multiple issues involving animal cruelty. You can sign petitions to aid in stopping animal cruelty and to help with legislation. Dog fighting is a nationwide epidemic. The Humane Society is currently offering a $5,000 reward for reports of dog fighting and asks that we help spread the word. Please visit the site, to find out how to take a stand against this horror.




Factory Farm Cruelty

Many of us don’t think about where our meat comes from when it’s served to us in a restaurant or bought on sale at the grocery store. The reality is most of the animals that provide to us with meat, eggs, and dairy products are often kept in deplorable conditions with limited freedom to move or act naturally. Animals kept on factory farms are treated more like objects than living things, and little if any consideration is given to the quality of their existence. Cruel and painful practices are common in these commercial facilities. ASPCA’s site, you can read about 10 different ways to make a difference. Find out how to contact your state and federal legislators to help end cruelty to factory farm animals.


Sponsor an Endangered Animal

Galapagos penguin

Galapagos penguin

The World Wildlife Fund is one of the leading active causes for saving endangered species today. On their website, you can choose from dozens of endangered animals from tigers, pandas, and polar bears to bats, salamanders, and stingrays. Sponsor a species and donate to a worthy cause. Remember, when they are gone, they are gone forever.


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