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Losing a Four-legged Friend – R.I.P. Mr.Bojangles

It happens too often, and too soon that we have to say good-bye to a pet. It’s a sad fact of life for pet owners that our companions have much shorter life spans than we do, and despite caring for them the best that we can and loving them like family, their time with us is never long enough.

A Sad Day

It is a sad day at That Fish place That Pet Place as we had to say good bye to one of our favorite store pets and certainly a favorite of our customers, the Flemish Giant Rabbit, Mr. Bojangles.  Mr. Bojangles came to be with us in 2004, as a surrendered pet. His family could no longer care for him, but his kind and inquisitive personality earned him a place in the TFP family as the posterchild for how great pet rabbits can be. He spent his days roaming the small animal room, greeting quests, making friends and relaxing with his favorite employees.

“Bo Bo” was a neutered male. His favorite treats were carrots, lettuce and dried apples.

Though Mr. Bo and other beloved pets can never be replaced, we may find room in our hearts to let another of his kind in to fill the void left by his loss. Rest in Peace Mr. BoJangles, you’ll be missed.

Losing A Pet

Losing a pet isn’t a pleasant thing to think about, but for most people it is a painful reality at some point in life.  It can be a devastating experience for a person of any age and disposition.  There are resources available to help you deal with the loss of a companion animal that may help you through these tough times.  In my lifetime, I’ve had to deal the loss of a pet, sadly on far more than one occasion. It never gets easier, but we can always take solice in the joy our pets give us while they’re in our lives.


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    I am so so sorry.

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    Thanks, we’ll remember him fondly as will our customers who visited him on a regular basis.

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    I’m sad to hear about his passing. Ever since we met him we have been determined that when our child is old enough we would get a Flemish rabbit. He left a great impression on us and he will never be forgotten!

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    I’m so sorry to hear about his passing, and am saddened as well. I was there just last weekend and said hi to him. I can’t believe he’s gone. May your memories of him bring you comfort.

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    I need a biography of Mr. Bojangles for a 4-H report

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    We don’t really have a biography on Mr. Bojangles, other than what you see here in his memoriam, but feel free to pull any details you need from our article.

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