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Holiday Gift Guide – Top 10 Gifts for Your Cats

Cat ShelvesChristmas is just around the corner and it just wouldn’t be complete without some gifts under the tree for your favorite feline(s)!  There are some great gifts for your cats to add to the list this year…read on to make this holiday a success for your precious pet with these great holiday suggestions!

1. Cat/Cloud Shelves

Everyone who shares a home with a cat knows they love to climb and explore areas that provide the best view of the room. Whether you have limited space or not, a cumbersome cat tree may not be an option. Enter the new line of cat shelves available at thatpetplace.com. These innovative and attractive wall mount shelves are functional wall decor, so they’re as much a gift to you as they are for your kitties. Install the shelves on any wall to create open and secure resting and perching spots for your pets. The shelves are sleek and stylish, and a variety of colors allows you to choose the unit that best fits your existing decor. Each shelf features a wide, cushioned base to accommodate cat weight up to 50 lb.

2. Kitty Sil

Provide a perfect place for a nap in the sun. Cats love to soak in the rays, and the Kitty Sil allows them to do just that, while also giving them the best view of the great outdoors! With a spacious 24 in. x 14 in. platform, the luxurious, bolstered bed/shelf combo keeps kitty comfortable for long basking sessions. The Kitty Sil is functional and attractive, and super easy to install in your cat’s favorite window.

3. Modular playscape kits

Customize playtime and naptime with these versatile, modular cat tree kits.  Kitty’scape Playscape Kits are easy to assemble, and they allow you to create a unique piece of cat furniture catering to your pets preferences.  Simply choose a starter kit and customize with any combination of expansion kits and accessories to create your cat’s Cat Condodream design. Each kit contains a combination of parts including platforms, columns, scratchers, toys and more, simply apply your creativity and build to suit. These kits are interchangeable, economical and easy to maintain, a gift that keeps on giving!

4. Hanging Cat Condo

The Hangin’ Cat Condo is another great product for limited space abodes. This condo features five levels of fun and seven peep holes to provide the best views. The simple yet sturdy design uses lightweight and durable corrugated plastic to provide a stable framework. The plastic supports are cased in super soft 600 denier waterproof fabric for warmth and comfort. This condo easily secures to any door in your home or apartment, so it won’t take up valuable floor space.

Imperial Scratcher5. Imperial Cat Scratchers

Imperial Cat Scratchers combine fun and function with colorful designs and unique shapes. These scratchers are constructed with layers of 100% recycled and durable corrugated cardboard  which provide a perfect surface to entice cats to scratch, keeping those claws honed. These units are deal for homes with multiple cats, featuring multiple, curved resting areas. Each scratcher comes with certified organic catnip as a little bonus.

6. A new warm bed

Your cat loves a warm and snuggly place to sleep. Today’s cat beds are designed to provide the comfort and security your cat seeks! There are so many possibilities, but some of our favorite designs include the self-warming Kitty Sack or Nuzzle Nest by K & H which are lined with insulation which absorbs your pet’s Heated Bedbody heat to keep the bed warm,  the Thermo Kitty Cave which features a plug-in, built in heating pad, and the ultra stylish Kitty Ball Bed that provides an elevated, secure sleep space for a long and cozy nap.

7. Water Fountain

We’ve explained the benefits and draw of pet fountains before, but if you haven’t decided to provide flowing water for your pet, winter is the perfect time. Constant flowing water encourages your pet to drink more, keeping them well hydrated, happier and healthier.

8. New Toys

You know your cat’s preferences better than anyone, so you know what will get him going! Make sure you don’t forget a few new tows to grab his attention this holiday. Whether they prefer teasers, interactive puzzle toys, catnip toys or simple toss-and-bat type entertainment we offer a broad selection for every discerning feline on your list.

9 & 10. Tasty treats

Bonito FLakesRefined felines like yours will also appreciate a purr-fect treat to tempt their palates. Our favorites include many of the freeze-dried products, featuring no muss, no fuss, straight up protein like tasty Bonito Flakes  or Bravo’s nuggets of chicken, salmon or marine medley. My Little Lion grain-free treats are another great snack!  Catnip or fresh cat grass are also perfect offerings…while they aren’t meaty, they tend peake curiosity to keep your pet pleased through long and lazy winter months.




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